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You have exactly ten seconds to explain why you're not slaughtering Russian furries for cannibalization.

7e25c794 No.693

Because that dumb game sucks, it calls itself an RTS "such as Command and Conquer" but it's nothing like it.

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Maybe when people stop posting to old lulz?

8332fc72 No.535

I like this place better.

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Cute fuzzy paws

7438d87d No.690

Hopefully after he makes the font not suck balls.

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and so it begins….

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Gonna dump some stuff from my phone. Just a random mix.
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May we have more of her? She seem to like cake. I request her naked eating cake and having crumbs all over her scaly breast!
Om nom nom!

779360be No.680

I got excited then realized it wasn't an adult mod.

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>browsing /trash/
>see lon doing requests

It hurts. I just want my old /furi/ back guys. I can't even remember the last time lon posted here, much less did a request.
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there's no uncensored, that's it.

a poco te da pena echarte un pedo, si yo a cada rato me los hecho y me huelen muy rico (como a sopa de camarones maruchan) no se por que, aunque creo que es porque ya me acostumbre a mis pedos.
te cuento una historia de pedos, una vez me quede en al casa de un amigo y el tiene una de esas bañeras grandotas y como yo nunca habia usado una pues me entro curiosidad y la llene de agua pa bañarme como los ricos asi acostadote, luego me eche un pedo pa ver que pasaba y como que el agua le dio fuerza y casi me intoxico de lo hediondo. no lo recomiendo bajo ninguna circunstancia.

d3269880 No.675

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>a filthy beaner
lmao, explains so much, thanks for abandoning the old lulz, stay the fuck away from this one as well

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eres racista! y yo creía que eramos amigos.

e8df8038 No.677

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Speak English, you hat-dancing nigger!

a5a65324 No.678

If you keep pissing this guy off, feel free to hang around!

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oh great another board of edgy talentless shitheads and inflammatory political discusion

d4e45453 No.152

More proof that all furries like to pound dogs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhpqOE5npAI

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Only 3 episodes in, and I *really* needed the breather that "Hooray! A Todd Episode!" provided after that second one, because… holy shit.

e3463595 No.662

So yeah, saddest episodes so far have to be 2, 6, and 9. Every time I don't think the show can go darker, it surprises me.

e3463595 No.663

And finally got to the season finale. Possibly THE most uplifting episode I've ever seen of this show, even better than the Season 2 "You gotta keep doing it every day" one.

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