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sorry i've been ghost, lately. there's still so much to do here. i'm just looking for the motivation to finish.

5212afba No.954

i'll give you 50p if you finish

over my face

c3dc0dbb No.957

Too busy driving around in your Corolla Sport EH?

1c93237f No.959

are we back?

47e51416 No.960

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Did you finally get rid of old furi and it's only new furi now or is old furi just temporarily dead

7cd17abe No.961

Can't you just admit that lulz is a piece of shit website that only gets 15 people max at a time and that you should just abandon this worthless project?

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856f822d No.952[Reply]

L- lewd!

(Latest Freefall http://freefall.purrsia.com/)

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Nobuyuki is drop dead gorgeous! What child could resist his charm?
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70dcde72 No.929

P.s. Check the post date. Someone had to dig real deep to find that one. This is probably the most damning accusation you'll ever find. If I were as big of a public figure as Poole, though, I'd put my reputation up against his and still be able to come out on top any day of the week. I will *never* apologize for having tried to keep creepers away from my friend.

(grr wtf is up with the dev board's flood detection…)

55a0a6f3 No.930

Why are those so many gross, ugly, or fat weirdos on this site?

c6f65444 No.948

tl;dr you're a pedo. We get it. No one's going to believe that sort of explanation based on the sort of tastes your art makes apparent. Most would find a girl that young gross and look elsewhere, at the age you were at.

3242b357 No.951

I know right? Insane Kangaroo was the same way. Pedos are terrable.

70dcde72 No.956

I don't give two flying fucks what you believe. You're no one; a coward without a face.

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Gonna dump some stuff from my phone. Just a random mix.
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post things related to pony only!
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49b7e4d7 No.873


I'll be here just to spite you. TRUMP IS GREAT

49b7e4d7 No.874


Go back to twitter, snowflake.

f116d94d No.896

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>linking to purplekecleon's personal site
PK is a genuinely awful person. On top of that, it seems like the quality of her work has gone down over the past few years. Not worth it IMHO. It's a shame really, because she's had a good grasp on color theory (prevalent in some of her older art ~5? years ago).

fb7a19ab No.907

See >>725

PK is a deranged bitch and nobody should ever support anything she does

c0f9ad98 No.939

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8fb83784 No.872[Reply]

2000% of the page is NEWS that will never be used.

Make the bar collapsable or something.

1381cd4b No.914

Alone again on a Friday night. :(

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draw with friends have fun!

d9862f56 No.887

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File: 1507050242781-4.png (1 MB, 2730x2560, flockmod5.png) ImgOps Google

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File: 1507050276671.png (1.18 MB, 2730x2560, flockmod6.png) ImgOps Google

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65b497e1 No.870[Reply]

what do you guys think about jewelpets?

e296b8e2 No.891

they look cute. i'd like to fuck a couple of them.

4a85c10b No.892

I want to play with Diana's manko.

65b497e1 No.893

File: 1506950545520.jpg (106.34 KB, 1440x810, Ruby's_shocked.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>when she see your dick

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