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did you know that cat-goddess is the name of a very well known child porn star?

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No,but its pretty damn disturbing that you know that.

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a simple google search on the history of child porn and recorded famous busts will bring you all of the information you need.

0a600e99 No.539

It's also the name of a character in an anime - http://ben-to.wikia.com/wiki/Ume_Shiraume

Also, searching for history of child porn? Someone's asking for the party van to visit them.

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>le van will get u for anythin xDDD
oh you're american/european. sad.

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testing multi-file posts.

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Sogaroth draws so much…and yet, never seems to improve much. As if they keep making the same mistakes over and over, and just aren't "getting it".

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his face and more :/
he use several name too :/
lallamaolakase4230 ( his old facebook )
it's the same dick
he take all of his time to harass the other just for free :/ ( it's the same dick )
some of his account too:
skype: simon petricov ( live: spartan4320 )
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anthro feral male or female post some trash pandas!

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The Mask.
The Gloves.
The Pry Bar.
The Late-Night Lifestyle.
One would almost think Raccoons are natural born Thieves.
OMG they are!
← I really like this fursuit, btw.
And they are VERY smart. Watch how this one uses hands AND feet to work on a puzzle.

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If the Clintons are so good at killing people and covering it up then why are Jennifer Flowers, Paula Jones and Monica Lewinsky still alive?

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too high profile to be bumped off, their time will come though I'm sure

06bb0e7c No.528

When was the last time Lewinsky was really relevant, though?

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Troll pretends to be a DNC staffer at politcon and stuns audience

8e1eb3c5 No.559

how do I declare war to America?

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It dawned on him that the old board with all its flaws is still much more popular than this dead dev board, and if he forced this new board on Lulzians, it would drive away what little traffic remains. Most Lulzians are autistic. Autists hate change. Even when it's a marked improvement.

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Ch0ob, get off your lazy ass and wipe old lulz and dev board and get New Lulz fresh and ready for violating or else I will personally smash all your rats with a hammer!

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nooooo doooon't

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Why do pedophiles have no clue how to properly fuck a boy in a way that he is able to experience pleasure from a thick throbbing man-cock? Why are most pedophiles disgusting old creepy looking men? Where are the handsome pedos who know how to handle a supple young boy body gently, teaching the child all his sensitive pleasure spots? Teaching him how to clean himself out, then gently fingering and rimming that boy-hole and then properly lubing it up and slowly sliding in that thick man meat inch by inch inside him. Listening to the kids pleas if something doesn't feel good then adjusting himself properly. Then when the right speed and angle is achieved, allowing the child to give into the intense pleasure of being fucked by a man.

Why are there so many disgusting old creepy looking pedos who have no idea to properly fuck and then just end up shoving their greasy diseased dick inside a screaming terrified child so hard that it causes them extreme pain!? These are the ones that should surely be killed!

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