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You messed with me~
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So did cho0b just ban tor from lulz or something?
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It's the same with Nobuyuki censoring all anti-Muslim posts. If cho0b supports free speech and access to information how come he allows mods that censor everything to run his website?

79b3e9c1 No.343

How long is tor gonna be down? Is this a temporary thing cause this fucking sucks dog balls!

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But muslims are cancer and rape and destroy every country they manage to get into. Why would anyone want to censor their destructive behavior?

47b79972 No.377

I was stalked by them both for quite a long while years ago, though thankfully I just quit using furi afterwards. Didn't even do anything wrong, just was someone that a person they knew disliked.

They clearly can't take what they dish out

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Haha what

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I dont want to be an asshole anymore, every time I go on forums and sites and say anything, everyone calls me an asshole..how do I not be an asshole?
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It's easy!

As a first step, focus on asking more about people than talking about yourself- and show genuine interest. It'll be tough at first if you're used to being a bit of a dick and judgmental, but just give yourself time to pause and think in between correspondences and let others lead the conversation.

You'll get it in time, if it's what you really want.

11795ee3 No.285

>how do I not be an asshole

lurk. moar

de8fa8e1 No.308

File: 1499204868219.png (9.33 KB, 400x400, chilverchpoune.PNG) ImgOps Google

Just accept yourself as being an asshole, and keep in mind, you are still a newbie compared to the even bigger assholes out there. you will never be at their level.
If life teaches you one thing, it's don't be kind.
Good day Anon!

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File: 1499476492009.jpg (86.64 KB, 400x510, airhorns.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

You may not be a bad person. But you could be a selfish prick.


f0383921 No.370

>the guys head
i see what you did there

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Testing from a phone.

5ca25c20 No.135

Oh, sweet. Hopefully we don't have shitty Captchas.

Also, this board needs some blue… And a better callsign.

"You messed with me~" Is some ancient shit man.

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Stop trying to change shit.

Some of us enjoy living in the past.

You are not the only one living here!

980cda9f No.302

Alright, NVM. Enjoy your Captchas.

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Thank you, Mr. Deepthroat~

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We fear change.

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I too believe in Internet censorship censorship like you. Please keep the old lulz mods who ban people simply because they hate them and not because they broken the rules while you look the other way because you're apathetic.

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Life has many doors, Ed-boy!


cc351e70 No.289

choob pls bring over the lulz theme if we're switching to this

bbcbed8a No.290

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I don't like it!
Lulznet is fine.
The cp has almost entirely disappeared. It has a consistent user base. I'm sorry I haven't put anything down yet on the lulznet patreon but Just started working again. I'll put money on lulz but not if it means posting here.

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59460209 No.284[Reply]

Lulz is broke as fuck. Captcha is missing. Internal error 500. Guess making it so no one can post is one way to get people to migrate.

58a60c12 No.287


I'm getting an error 521 that the server is down. I was absent from the site, busy for about three weeks, and I was just going to start (in about an hour) going through the site and saving a crap ton of things I had missed. Please tell me you didn't nuke everything. I assumed all content on the old board would be transferred to the new board.

At the very least I would really appreciate a downloadable backup. There is alot of content there that is going to be lost, if not transferred.

d8582b77 No.288

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Dude! Wtf!
Aaaaaaaahhhh!!!! WHY IS LULZ.NET DOWN?
Works been slow and I had to pay off some debts before I could start doing the whole patreon thing.
Don't shut it down! Common man!

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Cheap motel sex between two dirty smelly musky fur daddies.
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Welcum 2 my websight
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So the new Lulz is 8chan? Okay then.

0055c1b0 No.156

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Oh, it isn't the same as on the old board. Well there goes my identity.

cdeb633b No.226

so, what´s the current imagelimit and bump limit? i know maybe it doesn´t matter rigfht now but I want to know, for reasons.

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File: 1498760409176.png (580.23 KB, 1600x2400, 1170231__explicit_artist-c….png) ImgOps Google

I like this place a lot.

I mean;
I liked the previous version for like, over a decade but this one pleases me even better with all the modern features, just need the CSS to make all the other /furi/ous lulzists feel at home and it is done!

it was the unicode i think.

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4bb68196 No.146[Reply]

RE: to Jack thread on other board. I had a zip of the old Musical holes arc but I'm afraid the CD decayed so some of it is missing.

4bb68196 No.151

File: 1498396176900.jpg (21.27 KB, 149x400, 2207458@400-1240239760.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

https://mega.nz/#!IxkmGAZL - A .rar of the rest

be4aa4d1 No.163

>CD decayed
CD-R decayed, corrected that one. The cheapest CD-Rs decay fast.

1e2b8d4c No.174

I used to follow the Jack comic and remember this 'musical holes' thing. May have been on Keenspot. Does that place even exist anymore?

Was at one point trying to come up with a Jack drinking game – When someone gets raped .. take a drink – when someone gets killed .. take a drink .. when someone has a tear dripping from their eye .. take a drink.

5ad898b0 No.228

I've been reading Jack since 2003 or so and don't remember it being hosted anywhere other than pholph.com

Did the bullshit drama about that one chick who claimed she attempted suicide in anything? Who was that chick?

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15e0c1ac No.227[Reply]

Figure this might help this particular board moving a bit faster.

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