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Check 'em.

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You can't collapse a thread while being inside of a thread viewing it.

These are what you're looking for. They collapse the thread. If you have noscript, you may need to whitelist lulz.net for them to show up.

One thousand hours in MS paint.

34b21387 No.84

Check carefully, I wasnt inside the thread.

Anyway, seems my firefox is bonked. It randomly turns javascript for no reason.

3ec9d695 No.85

I fucked up, and its not letting me delete the thread. Keeps giving me wrong password error.

3ec9d695 No.86

I'm using Firefox and it works fine for me. If you have noscript, you need to allow lulz.net.

975dd333 No.98

I even disabled it.

I reinstalled firefox and ill see if that fixes it.

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>post'n on a dev board like its web 1.0

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Does this gay shit actually work?


>413 Request Entity Too Large

So like, what's the image size limit? Post dudes in this thread.

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> So like, what's the image size limit?

Way too small. 1MB won't go through and not per image but per post. If you try to post 5 images at once, better have them thumbnail-sized.

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https should work now.

afda3874 No.63

This place needs the color setup and layout of the old place. Like the 8chan version of /furi/ had, dark blues n shit. This doesn't feel like home.

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Postin cubs.
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And that's all for now.

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Cubs are nice

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2814c0b6 No.37

Apparently can't delete topics. RIP.

907f5745 No.39

I just made a thread and deleted it without issue. Hmm.

93a9164b No.43

make sure you use a password when you post.. or something? idk.

72642648 No.232

what are you doing anon OH NO! YOU ARE DISAPPEARING!

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