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f8d45e30 No.543

Yo numbnuts, how's that css comin' along?

f8d45e30 No.544

Also, what's up with most of the tor exit nodes banned? Don't wanna give a voice to dissidents, hmm?

661718a2 No.557

Only spammers and paranoid retards use tor to shitpost on a dying furry porn image board.

The NSA doesn't give a fuck about you jacking off to cartoon ponies you retard.

a8dc0657 No.567

This site is a pedo hive with actual child porn posted here. Like fuck am I going to access this shit with my actual ip. If tor goes, I go. That's all there is to it. Like you said, this board is dying. Blocking tor is an incredibly stupid move if you want more traffic, especially if you want smarter people visiting your site.

1dfed20d No.568

>with actual child porn posted here
examples please. we haven't had any spam in months.

Also FUCK dis times new roman font.

661718a2 No.571

The CP is spammed here through Tor. And if you're in the US you can't be prosecuted for unintentionally running across CP that gets spammed somewhere unless you intentionally save it. It's a specific exemption that was made because they knew it would cause too many issues. They don't want to have to charge everyone who has ever been on /b/ or people who have had cp sent to them with the intention of getting them in legal trouble.

b43e7049 No.577

I agree, this font is HORRIBLE. Also the link colors need to be changed. Some of them are practically invisible against the back ground. Lite puke green is not a great color choice.

4c67af98 No.579

eh, the puke and garbage colour scheme suits the sites clientèle

70a6bf88 No.581

Yo tor bashers, what if I just want to shitpost anonymously without building up an infamous reputation like 3B that leads to autistic moderators banning me and deleting all my posts? Because we all know that's firmly within the scope of possibilities.

b7b31370 No.600

Just change your IP.

If you are behind NAT, you have to reset your router so it fetches a new external IP from your service provider. If that doesn't happen, change the MAC of the router. If you can't, or your ISP is expecting a certain MAC, then you'll just have to find a proxy that isn't banned already.

Or you could just, not shitpost.

468111db No.604

Fuck that shit. No way am I doing that every time to change IPs. Tor is way easier. Besides, the mods would still know what part of the country I'm in, and with how little traffic this site gets, that would be enough for them to follow me. And fuck off with your VPN bullshit. I refuse to pay for anything more than internet access.

ccc22e12 No.605


VPNs are literally $40 for 1 year

bd981c92 No.606

Tor is $0 for the foreseeable future. Really makes you think.

ccc22e12 No.607


you cant download torrents quickly and anonymously with tor bro.

b7b31370 No.608

> No way am I doing that every time to change IPs.

Then don't shitpost. Simple as that.

8d488976 No.611

Don't shitpost? DON'T SHITPOST!?! You might as well tell me not to breathe! Don't shitpost, he says. As if.

c17dca17 No.612

$40 for a lifetime subscription if you look in the right places.

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